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Noise and your home: what can you do?

Increase your quality of living

When buying or renting property, people are rightly starting to think harder about noise issues that may affect them once they get to their new home.  After all the house-hunting, stress and, at times, breathtaking expense, how must it feel to hear the first bark of the neighbour's dog in the back garden, or to be kept awake until the early hours on the first Friday night by a continuous stream of pedestrians on their way to a nightclub - or worse still, by the distant but persistent sound of the music from the nightclub itself?

Japanese knotweed: spot it, catch it, kill it

It's got a seriously bad rep

Cue the relentless Japanese knotweed or fallopia japonica – the bane of homeowners, property developers and governments alike. So evasive and threatening to our eco-system, if you’re caught planting or growing it in the wild (why would anyone want to?) it’s considered to be a serious wildlife offence. It’s also a pain to get rid of and infests pretty much anything within its wake – including the rock hardest of structures. Even a herbicide solution, considered to be a cost-effective and sustainable removal method, means it can take 1 to 3 years to get to work effectively. No wonder the JK has a bad rep!

The truth about damp

What it means in old buildings

There is little doubt that nearly all the old houses that have survived until now must have been built reasonably well and it is unlikely that they had any problems with damp in the beginning. The problems that do develop often fall into one or more of the following categories.

5 simple space saving hacks for your home

Think small, but stylish

Finding enough space in your home can seem like an impossible task. Whether you’re tight on space or you’ve simply just got too much stuff, storage is a reoccurring problem in many households. While making your rooms bigger by some form of magic isn’t an option, there are however some really simple things you can do that will instantly give you that extra space you desire!