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Spring Makeover ideas

Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to spruce up your home. Here are some quick and easy ideas.

Clean windows & rooflights

Spring is time to throw open the windows and blow away cobwebs. But don’t forget to give them a good old-fashioned clean – inside and out. Often the best method is a warm solution of warm water and washing up liquid. Glass skylights can be difficult and dangerous to clean. If you don’t fancy climbing a ladder, ask your neighbours to recommend a window cleaner.

Bring the sunshine in with flowers

Daffodils are a sure sign spring is here – and cheap to buy at £1 a bunch. A vase of cheerful daffodils or tulips will brighten up any kitchen or living room. If you can’t afford cut fresh flowers every week, consider investing in an indoor pot of spring bulbs, such as hyacinth or narcissus.

Spring and summer colours

The easiest way to update your home for the new season is with new cushions and throws. Hot new spring and summer colours include: ice-cream pastels, indigo blues, glittery golds. If you don’t fancy pastel hues or metallic shades, you could go for bright, bold colours which are another style choice that’s big this spring. Co-ordinate with artwork and accessories such as coloured glass, vases and tableware.

Picture perfect

Simply moving a picture from one wall to another or even to a different room can change the feel and look of a space. Mix it up a bit and see what you like.  If you have lots of photos or paintings, try to hang a grouping. The right arrangement can give new life to a boring wall.  Search charity shops and discount stores for cheap frames in a variety of shapes and sizes. A touch of paint can unite different styles of frames. When framing photos and paintings, professionally cut mats showcase them the best.  

Spring makeover tips
Spring makeover tips

Recycle, recycle, recycle.

If you’re throwing things out, try to recycle, so your stuff doesn’t end up in landfill. Charities such as British Heart Foundation will pick up quality items of furniture from your home. Alternatively, Freecycle is a quick and easy way to rehome unwanted items. Simply post a brief description and someone will come to pick it up. Other online sites include Myskip, Freegle and vSkip.

Revamp your rugs

Even if you regularly vacuum, it’s surprising how much dust and dirt is hidden in the carpet pile. Spring is a chance to give your carpets a deep clean. Move large items of furniture, such as sofas and sideboards, so you can vacuum where you can’t usually reach. If you have wool carpets, check for signs of moth infestation. DIY spot-cleaning can be great for removing stains. To deep-clean all your carpets, use a high-performance vacuum or consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner. 

Kitchen love

Kitchen tiles get dirty quickly because of cooking splatters and spills. Give them a scrub first with a soapy cloth to remove the worst grime and grease. If the grouting is grubby even the shiniest tiles won’t look their best. Use an old toothbrush to rub some bleach into the grout. A whitening toothpaste may also do the job. Then give the tiles and grouting a thorough rinse and wash down. If this hasn’t got them sparkling clean, it may be time to bring out the big guns. There are plenty of specialist, multi-purpose tile cleaners available.

Brighten bathrooms

Mould patches on ceilings and walls can really spoil the look of bathroom. Cleaning with good old-fashioned bleach will kill mould but be careful about the surfaces you apply it to as it can damage paint. There are also mould and mildew products on the market. Repaint ceilings and walls with anti-mould paints.  White will help light bounce around the bathroom. Treat yourself to fluffy new towels in seasonal summer colours. If you have a spare window sill and natural light, grow an orchid to add an elegant, exotic touch. Orchids love moisture, which makes the bathroom one of the best places to put them.