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5 Simple Space Saving Hacks for your Home

Think small, but stylish

Finding enough space in your home can seem like an impossible task. Whether you’re tight on space or you’ve simply just got too much stuff, storage is a reoccurring problem in many households. While making your rooms bigger by some form of magic isn’t an option, there are however some really simple things you can do that will instantly give you that extra space you desire! Why not try some of these fantastic tips for yourself.

1. Make full use of dead space

When space is at a premium, perhaps the most logical thing to do is make use of any empty areas. Meet your new best friend, the backs of your doors are rarely thought of for storage, but why not stick some rails or extra shelving on them? Not only does it look great, it’s a fantastic way to make real use of what is otherwise dead space.

2.  Opt for a breakfast bar

For a small kitchen, a full-sized table can be a real space invader. Breakfast bars are quickly becoming a popular alternative for a kitchen with limited space.  Small and elegant, you’ll find them in an array of designs and materials to suit your current kitchen style.

3. The ceiling is your limit

The vertical space above your furniture is a veritable space saving goldmine! Make use of this with built-in shelves that hang down from the ceiling. Whether you put your books, picture frames or any other items in this space that you do not require daily, the world really is your oyster… well ceiling.

4. Suck it up

Without doubt, the best invention of this century has to be the Vacuum bag. Ok, that may be a little over the top but vacuum bags allow you to store any clothing, bedding, winter warmers, the list really does go on. Easy to store, they free up a huge amount of wardrobe space. Simply pack the bag, then suck the air out!

5. Get creative with space under stairs

The area under your stairs really is a hidden gem, it’s perhaps one of the most under appreciated areas in your home when looking to create extra space. This is a great chance to get creative, why not create some bespoke cabinetry for this space or add some stackable drawers. You can even turn it into a small office, add a bookshelf or make it into cosy little reading area.