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Top 5 things to do on completion day

Congratulations! You’ve completed on your new home. But, before you pop open the champagne and start unpacking, here are five things you must do once you have collected your keys:


While buildings insurance needs to be in place at time of exchange, contents insurance needs to be in place by the day of completion. Ring your home insurance company to activate cover before you move your stuff in.


Make sure the sellers have moved everything out that they said they would. Check the loft, sheds and garage too. Unless previously agreed, moving in to find your new home full of someone else’s possessions is a real nuisance. If there is unwanted furniture or white goods that the seller agreed to remove but hasn’t, either because they didn’t have time or for some other reason, contact your solicitor immediately. Likewise, if the seller has left a forgotten family heirloom or valuables in the loft that they obviously didn’t mean to, you have to give them a chance to collect before assuming ownership.

Things to do on Completion day
Things to do on Completion day


There is nothing more frustrating than moving in and finding all the light bulbs have been taken or the fitted carpets missing. Before a sale, both sellers and buyers must agree on a fixtures and fitting list. Fixtures are things that are bolted or nailed to the floor or walls (e.g. light fittings, boilers, radiators, plugs) and fittings are free standing items either hung by a nail or a hook (e.g. wardrobes, white goods, mirrors, curtains and curtain rails). Make sure you check everything that is on the list is there. If not, call your solicitor.


When you pick up the keys, check you have got at least one set for all the doors, including the shed, garage, back doors, padlocks and windows. Then go around and check they all work as they should!


Find the utility meters and take note of all the gas and electricity meter readings. If you can, take a photo of the meter with your mobile phone and you will have visual proof if it is needed. You will need to contact all the relevant utility companies that you are now the new owners. It’s also worth investing a few minutes to track down the fuse box and main stopcock so you can shut off the water in an emergency.