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Is moving stress really a thing?

It’s supposed to be super exciting, but is it really? A recent poll of 2,000 UK homeowners conducted by YOPA revealed that 40 per cent rated the process of moving house as the most nerve-wracking life event, more so than getting a divorce (34 per cent), having a baby (31 per cent) or starting a new job (27 per cent). But what is it about moving that is so stressful and how can it be managed to reduce those stress levels?

Is moving stress a thing?
Is moving stress a thing?

Moving house means organisation, communication and lots of parties being involved in a tight timeframe. Plus, the added financial worry. When you are not in the chain, and can see the bigger picture, you can see where the pressure points are.

The YOPA research pinpoints the stress points when moving home, with the cost of the process unsurprisingly voted as the worst, most stressful part of moving house by over half of the homeowners questioned. Asked what would make moving home easier, the homeowners surveyed said lower estate agents fees (42 per cent), followed by more transparency (37 per cent) and a free utility switching service (34 per cent). 

What can you do to make moving less stressful?

Our advice would be to make sure you have you have a cheat sheet available when you are thinking of moving.

  1. Get organised with paperwork – get one big box file that you can put everything in so that it is all in one place
  2. Work with solicitors, estate agents and movers that you like – ask your friends for recommendations
  3. Accept you are going to be stressed and build in some activities that will relax you – baths, walks, early nights, wine and massages are all good.
  4. Delegate where you can – can your partner, friends or parents do anything to help?
  5. Give yourself some breathing space. Where you can, push for timings that are realistic and that suit you.

And remember it’s not all doom and gloom. If you make sensible choices, you might only move a few times in your life. And despite the stress, the research also showed that 62 per cent of Brits believe moving house could ultimately make them happier with 82 per cent admitting that they often spend time looking in estate agent's windows, dreaming of finding their ideal home.