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What sort of photos should we have when selling our house?

When selling your house, nothing is more important than a good photo to entice prospective buyers – and first impressions count!

According to Zoopla, 82 per cent of buyers begin searching for their dream home online, which can mean two things; either they like what they see and book a viewing, or they scroll pass your property without a second thought.

What photos should you use to sell your home?
What photos should you use to sell your home?

To make your property stand out, you will need staged house photos with plenty of light that show off the most desirable aspects of your property. Often, most house listings will feature one main photo first. If you are selling a house, it needs to be the outside of the building. Make sure you pick a sunny day when natural light is shining on your home and give the front of your property a quick makeover:

  • Move any cars from outside the property.
  • Hide away bins and move clutter, dead plants and trailing hose pipes.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Tidy up plants.
  • Clean the windows.

If you are selling a flat, ask your estate agent for advice on the most desirable feature for which buyers are asking and focus on that. If your flat is in a city, there are a number of things it could be:

Urban chic can be a big draw, so focus on your most stylish room.
If your apartment is high up, a stunning panoramic shot of the view can be a winner.
Space is always key in a flat, so take a photo of the biggest room such as the living room or master bedroom.

Once your picture has got their interest, buyers expect to see up to 20+ photos to help them decide if they want a viewing. Firstly, work out which rooms to photograph for selling a house and then declutter, clean and move out any personal items so that you can style the room to its full potential.

When taking photos of the bedroom, make the bed and choose neutral colours if possible, open the curtains and clear bedside tables.

When taking bathroom photos, it is little things that make the difference. Make sure the toilet seat is down, clear and clean surfaces and hide toiletries away. Fold towels and don’t forget to close the shower curtain.

When it comes to the kitchen shots:       

  • Clear all the surfaces.
  • Remove fridge magnets and pinned up kids’ drawings, photos & postcards.
  • Add a bowl of fresh fruit or flowers to the table or kitchen top.
  • Clear the sink and all signs of washing up.
  • Close all cupboards.
  • Hide away any pet bowls.

When taking photos of Reception Rooms, it is always best to wait until the natural light is at its best. Then,

  • Remove rugs, especially if you have wooden floors or tiles.
  • Plump up the cushions.
  • Remove magazines and toys from the room.
  • Clear any cluttered book shelves so buyers can imagine putting their things on show instead.
  • Set the dining table or place some flowers as a centrepiece.

When editing and choosing which photos to use to sell your house, make sure you don’t over do it with too many of the same room. People will want to have a quick scroll through of every room so that they can get a feel for the place and not see 5 different angles of your sofa.

If you aren’t taking the photos yourself, styling your home before the photographer arrives - as if you were doing an actual viewing - will really help your house look its best. Making these small changes can make a massive difference so don’t skimp on the preparation.