You are here: I think I would be better at doing viewings? Is that allowed if I'm using an estate agent?

I think I would be better at doing viewings? Is that allowed if I'm using an estate agent

You’ve lived in the house. You know its every nook and cranny but are you really the best person to show people around the house you are selling?

The biggest thing to remember here is that what you treasure about the house, might not be what a potential buyer wants to hear. The apple tree that you have tendered for 15 years, the duck egg blue living room you so meticulously painted, the luxury pile carpets you laid – can you be impartial enough to see through the memories and money spent, and sell your house for what it is?

Can I do my own viewings?
Can I do my own viewings?

Do you just like the idea of playing ‘estate agent’ for the day or do you truly believe you will do a better job? If it is the latter, then you need to switch estate agents.

House viewings are in the blood for estate agents. It is what they were born to do. They will have already struck up a relationship with potential buyers, know their level of interest and know what they are looking for.

Most importantly, potential buyers are more likely to be honest with an estate agent if there is something they don’t like or want to change. With the homeowner present, there is the pressure to make small talk and be polite. A buyer will be more inhibited to discuss things that they would change if the owner is standing right next to them. Instead, buyers need to be given the freedom to experience the property; imagining their own belongings in place and considering what potential they can add. Can you trust yourself to read the buyers’ body language and only offer advice or answers when needed?

Ultimately, the estate agent is working for you and as the saying goes; what the customer wants the customer gets so it is probably worth a discussion. Many estate agents will be open to DIY viewings or accompanied viewings. An owner’s passion for their property can be infectious and can build trust. You can help with extra tidbits of local information about the best places to eat, or what the neighbours are like. Although, be wary of any informal discussions of price. This is the most important part of the estate agent’s job and you don’t want to be swayed in the ‘moment’ of the viewing and be put on the spot by a cheeky prospective buyer asking quietly what you would really accept.

There are pros and cons of both types of viewings. Traditional high street estate agents will always prefer to do the viewings themselves, but the rise of online estate agents means many may not have the resources to send an agent out to do the viewings or they may offer ‘viewing services’ as an optional extra. Be honest with yourself and if you think you could do better, try a viewing and see how it feels. You may find one viewing is enough to sell the property or that you were better trusting your instinct not to become an estate agent as a career.