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Do I need planning permission?

The answer quite simply is...

......sometimes ‘yes’ and sometimes ‘no!

It all depends on what you want to do and the planning guidelines of your local authority and these guidelines will vary between authorities.

Once you have decided that you would like to undertake a renovation or building project it is a good idea to contact your local planning authority to find out if permission is needed. It is always best to check because if you later find out that you should have got planning permission you will be obliged to apply for it retrospectively and if rejected you will have to undo all the building work and put the structure back in the state it was before you started your project.


Loft conversion
Loft conversion

How do I find my local Planning Authority?

Your local planning authority is the same authority that you pay your council tax to. All local authorities have websites so you could start by looking for the phone number of the planning office on there. It is not uncommon for the planning officer to ask you to fill in a form and write a brief description of what you want to do with a diagram and post it to them. You may need to wait a few weeks for an answer. Sometimes you will get a letter informing you if you need planning permission or if you have used an online form, their answer may come electronically. Try to be as accurate as you can with the information you provide.

Don’t get caught out – sometimes you do need planning permission for projects that are not always obvious for example; to replace a window, put up a new conservatory, move non supporting walls inside to change the layout of your home or even put up a garden shed. It is always best to check first.

If you need planning permission check out  Local Architects Direct to find suppliers in your area who will help you. They also have architects and architectural technicians available.