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Is there a better day in the week to move house?

The most popular day to move house is a Friday.  According to research 1 in every 4 moves in the UK is on a Friday.  With the last Friday in August being the most popular day in the year. 

But is there a better day in the week to move house?

Moving on a Friday guarantees you the whole weekend to unpack and sort things out, with the minimal disruption to time off work. But it can also be the most stressful. Sometimes bank money transfer systems can get overloaded, especially on the last Friday of the month, and collecting the keys might take longer as estate agents manage the Friday rush. If things don’t go as planned (the housing chain breaks down, the removal van doesn’t show up or you need an emergency tradesman), then you’ve got very little breathing space to sort things out.

The advantage of moving earlier in the week means your solicitor, bank manager, or removal firm will be in the next day to resolve any outstanding issues. 

Is Friday the best day of the week to move?
Is Friday the best day of the week to move?

Moving on a Monday

Monday is the second most popular weekday to move. It’s usually because any delays on the Friday have pushed proceedings into the next week. The advantage of moving on a Monday is that you get the whole weekend to sort out your packing and get everything shipshape before the big day.

Moving mid-week

Property expert Phil Spencer says his best day to move is on a Tuesday. The Location, Location, Location presenter says Tuesdays are often the quietest time for removal firms and other professionals, who might lower their prices to entice people to move when they have less business. Another reason for moving midweek is if there are any issues, people are around to sort them out rather than at 5pm on a Friday afternoon when everyone has clocked off.

Moving at the weekend

If you are a buyer and don’t have a property you need to vacate for the sale to go through, then moving at the weekend or on a bank holiday is a good option. However, for a weekend move to take place all the monies must have been sent and received by your solicitor’s office and the bank, which is only possible on a weekday. If you aren’t in a chain and are able to put your possessions into storage, then once you’ve completed you can move in whenever you want.

If you’re still not sure what day to move, there’s an old superstition in Ireland ‘Saturday flitting, short sitting’, which means you won’t be there long if you move in on a Saturday, which may make you think if you’re superstitious. Whatever day you decide to move on, make it a success by planning ahead.